Judy Blume is an author who brings a warmth as her name reminds me of all her other books which I have read. However, this book “In The Unlikely Event” stands out as it an adult novel by her after almost fifteen years. The plot of the story is fiction with elements of personal experience from Judy’s life that combines adult experience with sweet familiarity of Judy’s writing for and about younger people. She describes how the time in her life, when three planes crashed in her hometown of Elizabeth within three months of each other, has always haunted her so much that she finally decided to do research and write a book on that plot.

My favorite part about the book is how true Judy was to the 1950s as I felt like I was transported back to her time with all the little details which she included. Many great descriptions of life in the 1950s are included, from the music to food to current events, which greatly added to my reading experience. I enjoyed all the characters and their developments, specially how the main female protagonist Miri Ammerman is wonderfully developed in the story as she and her family and friends cope with the plane crashes. The overarching moral here is to not let fear limit your possibilities and Judy reaches out to the readers to not be afraid to get on a plane, take career risks, pursue your dreams and fall in love as after all life is made up of unlikely events and they are not bad at all. The book deals with a lot of elements from the complex relationships between family and friends, the straight talk about sex and insight into the pains and pleasures of growing up.

On a critical note, there are a lot of narrators in the book which I found to be very distracting and confusing. One of my biggest challenges was getting engaged in the story with the point of view continuously changing amongst the many characters. Overall it was an amazing experience to read this book.



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